Project TaCTICS


Module 4

Most service providers have been taught to work with young children–not adults. Yet, the basic premise of family guided routines based assessment-intervention is the involvement of careproviders in the teaching and learning process for the child. Involving careproviders requires sharing information and resources that assist in making decisions regarding most appropriate assessment and intervention strategies. Information is the power factor in effective and confident decision-making by family and team members. Involving careproviders means observing the strategies the careproviders already uses and building from their strengths to increase their competence. Providers must be able to gather and share information with diverse careproviders, know how to approach and respect each family's chosen level of participation, and be confident in the use of various strategies for matching child and careproviders styles.

"How To" Implementation Strategies

  • Emphasis is on choices for family participation in concrete activities that have a practical and obvious use with flexibility to accommodate diverse preferences, cultural systemschild with grandfather and adult learning styles. Providers must be able to involve multiple careproviders (siblings, grandparents) at their chosen level and learn to identify different routines or environments for various careproviders.
  • The teaching and learning process is individualized for each child and family member. Interventions must know how to demonstrate intervention strategies to careproviders in ways that enhance the careproviders' confidence and competence, must be able to enhance engagement within activities to create opportunities for teaching and learning, and be able to direct careproviders' attention to the child to increase success in interactions.
  • Opportunities to share information reciprocally need to be included in the process. Time should be allotted during each contact to "just talk." Interventionists must know how to gather and share information with diverse careproviders, to monitor progress in "careprovider friendly" ways.

Support Materials

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